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Drawing/Painting, Basic To Advanced Crafting, Mural, Traditional Arts-Mandala, Lippan, Pichwai, Madhubani Etc, Sketching-Basic to Advance, Hyperrealism Portrait. Painting, Miniatures Art, Canvas Art, Mandala, Resin Art, Calligraphy

Aakrutiarts offers all the latest trending art courses for all age groups.


(Basic to Advanced) Unlock your inner artist in our drawing and painting classes! Start with basics like sketching still life objects, shading techniques, composition rules, and using watercolors. Then advance to a choice of mediums like acrylics, oils, even iPad painting. Learn blending, texture techniques, and color mixing to recreate landscapes, flowers, portraits, and more. Expert guidance from professional artists at every skill level.


(Basic to Advanced) Create and design one-of-a-kind crafts guided by our seasoned instructors. Start with paper crafts like quilling elegant flowers and 3D paper structures. Move to more advanced Upcycling crafts giving found objects creative makeovers. Explore home decor crafts like macrame wall hangings, decoupage furnishings, and ceramic painting. Professional-grade supplies are provided, to keep your finished pieces proud.


Mural Making – Paint stunning murals across large spaces guided by our experts. Learn concepts of proportion, and mapping designs site-wise. Practice through painting trees, scenery, and cityscapes scaled to fit walls. Use rollers and specialized techniques for painting buildings, and architectural focused murals. Create custom graphics into imaginative shapes using grids. Modernize rooms through murals designed by you.

Traditional Arts

Mandala, Lippan, Pichwai, Madhubani. Connect to India’s rich cultural heritage through folk and tribal art forms. Get immersed in meditative Mandala designs passed down centuries. Recreate intricate prints like Bandhani dots using Lippan clay relief work. Practice intricate religious motifs on Pichwai paintings for temples. Learn regional Line and Dots style in vivid Madhubani paintings. The therapeutic creative process is revealed in traditions.


Basic to Advanced Develop strong sketching skills through our multi-level classes. Get comfortable using pencils, charcoal, pastels, and ink with exercises in still life study, human figures, architecture, and nature. Hone techniques like value creation, texture rendition, and dimension through shading. Learn fundamentals of proportion, perspective, and composition to recreate visuals true to life. Gradually progress in developing your unique sketching abilities.

Portrait Painting

Hyperrealism Portrait Painting Pursue mastery over photorealistic portraits in acrylics/oils. Render exact shades that match skin tones through color theory. Recreate fine details like wrinkles and folds learning precision brush control. Set up lighting to add drama through chiaroscuro high contrast. Practice human anatomy concepts to accurately structure the face. Develop your take combining realism with personal style.

Miniature Art

Miniature Art – Hone intricate brush detail recreating historic miniature art legacy. Practice using specialized fine-tipped brushes and handmade rag paper. Achieve precision through magnifying glasses to paint minute motifs. Learn unique blending techniques layering fine lines in gouache opaque paints. Explore ornamental styles on artifacts, jewelry, or dedicated artworks guided by masters.

Canvas Art

Canva Art Create impressive large-scale artworks with the guidance of our canvas painting professionals. Select imagery then learn to scale drawings maintaining proportions. Take advantage of canvas textures using knives, and other tools alongside brushes. Experiment with combining acrylics, inks, resin, and glue for textural dimension. Learn professional varnishing, and framing methods for exhibit-ready results.

Mandala Art

Mandala Art – Find harmony by creating symmetric mandala designs, passed down centuries. Learn constructions starting from the center dot outward in circles. Use combinations of circles, and squares in mesmerizing patterns. Enhance with ornate motifs through dotwork, linework styles practiced in manuscripts. Recreate sand mandalas using colored powder or paint enduring tabletop versions. Practice this meditative ritualistic discipline manifesting spiritual themes.

Resin Art

Resin Art -Get introduced to dazzling fluid art resin in our classes. Prepare silicone molds, and sealants to contain vivid flows. Learn mix ratios between resin parts A and B for desired drying times. Create a cosmos of saturated colors, and intricate cells by smartphone tilt techniques. Develop ocean scenes using alcohol ink and embed natural elements like pressed flowers. Professional guidance on handling materials safely from start to shiny finish


Calligraphy – Discover the beautiful art of calligraphy at aakrutiarts! Our experienced instructors will guide you in learning this graceful lettering style that transforms handwriting into an art form. From cursive calligraphy for beginners to modern brush lettering, find a course that matches your skill level. Practice writing elegant letters as you learn techniques like proper pen holds, pen angles, stroke order, and more. Play with thick and thin letter strokes using our premium pens and ink on high-quality paper. Learn different calligraphy alphabets from basic Copperplate to flowing Italic styles and even flashy Faux Calligraphy. Bring personality into your writing with stylized flourishes and embellishments in your letters. We make learning this satisfying hobby easy, approachable, and fun for all ages. Join our weekly classes to create beautiful cards, invitations, pieces of art, and more unique hand-lettered works. Develop a new artistic talent and relieve stress through the rhythmic motions and mindful focus of calligraphy. Unleash your creativity with the aesthetically pleasing world of calligraphy lettering art at Aakrutiarts!