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We Hold All Art-Related Workshops Like:- Art Exhibitions, Coffee Painting, Knife Painting, Mandala, Resin, Murals Making, Jute Bag, Mix media Paper Craft, Portrait Painting, Sketching, Bottle Art Etc.

Welcome to Aakrutiarts dedicated to art workshops! Here, we offer a wide range of unique and exciting artistic experiences for individuals of all skill levels.

Coffee Painting

Discover the mesmerizing art of using coffee as a medium to create stunning and richly textured paintings. Learn techniques for blending and shading with different shades of coffee, and create intricate and beautiful designs.

Bottled Art

Unleash your creativity by transforming ordinary bottles into stunning works of art. Learn techniques for painting, decoupage, and adding texture to create one-of-a-kind pieces that will captivate and delight.

Knife Painting

Explore the bold and expressive art of knife painting. Learn how to use palette knives to apply thick, textured paints, creating vibrant and dynamic artwork with stunning visual depth.

Clock Making

Combine your love for art and functionality by learning the art of clock making. Create unique and personalized timepieces using various materials and techniques, and showcase your artistic flair on everyday objects.

Resin Art

Dive into the world of resin art and explore the fascinating combination of colors, textures, and transparency. Learn how to manipulate resin to create stunning, glossy masterpieces that will capture attention.

Jute Bag Painting

Add a touch of artistry to your wardrobe and learn how to transform plain jute bags into personalized fashion statements. Discover techniques for painting on fabric and create your unique designs.


Immerse yourself in the meditative and intricate art of mandala making. Learn about the symbolism and patterns of mandalas, and create your own mesmerizing designs using various mediums like paints, pencils, or markers.

Traditional Art

Get acquainted with traditional art techniques and explore the rich history and cultural significance behind different art forms. From oil painting to watercolors, delve into the classic methods that have stood the test of time.

Lippan Art

Experience the centuries-old folk art of lippan in this hands-on workshop by Aakrutiarts. Participants will learn traditional techniques and patterns used to adorn mud walls and floors. Guided by expert artisans, attendees will gain skills in mixing natural dyes, fine line work, and intricately detailed motifs. Take home a new appreciation for this ancient craft and your own lippan art creation. Let Aakrutiarts unlock your inner folk artist in this one-of-a-kind workshop.

One Stroke

Learn a new artistic technique at the upcoming one stroke painting workshop offered by Aakrutiarts. This innovative style only requires a single brushstroke to create stunning works of art. Attendees will gain skills in color mixing, brush control, and imagination to craft beautiful painted creations. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore your creativity and add a touch of magic to your paintings.

Canvas Painting

Indulge in the versatile world of canvas painting. Experiment with different mediums, techniques, and styles, and unleash your creativity on the blank canvas to create unique and expressive works of art.

Mix Media

Explore the exciting realm of mix media art, where you can combine different materials, textures, and techniques to create multi-dimensional and visually stunning artworks that push the boundaries of traditional art.


Master the foundational art of sketching and refine your drawing skills. Learn about composition, proportion, and shading, and discover how to capture the world around you with pencil and paper.